How to choose curtain pole for home decoration?

For installation of curtains, curtain pole is indispensable, in the purchase of curtain rods to take into account the decoration style, it is best to match with the home style, so as to reflect the overall style of coordination and warm effect. The following advice are for everyone to introduce aluminum curtain rods to buy and curtain rod material.

Aluminum alloy curtain rods to buy
1, brand-oriented
Some consumers in the purchase of aluminum alloy curtain rod, the more will take into account the brand, because we all know that a good brand, quality, service is guaranteed.
2, style tone-oriented
In the purchase of aluminum alloy curtain rod can be selected according to the decoration style, it is best curtains and curtains and decorative style and would like to match, so that the effect can be better reflected.

3, compare the thickness
Selection is to see the thickness of aluminum alloy curtain rod, the general thickness of 1.1mm-1.4mm or so
4, compare the surface
See whether the surface is smooth, there is no scratches, good texture and so on
5, compare the ring
See whether the production process is rough, whether it is recycled plastic, if it is easy to aging plastic recycling.
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introduction of dowel screws

The dowel screws are made according to GB897-901 standard. The materials are: Q235, 45 #, 40Cr, 35CrMoA, Q345D, specifications are: M3mm-M100mm, the length can be customized according to user needs.
High strength dowel screw, materials are 35 #, 45 #, 35CrMoA, 25Cr2MoV, 304,316,304L, 316L, 2H, 2HM, B7, B7M, B16, B8,8, B8M, 8M, widely used in electric power, Oil, motorcycle, boiler steel structure, hanging tower, large span steel structure and large-scale construction, etc., are widely used in mining machinery, bridges, automobiles, motorcycles, The
(Standard) 35 # / 35 # (material) 8.8 / 8 (modulation level) means: diameter = 12mm length (length) = 12mm length (modulation level) = 100mm GB / T901-88 is used in the national standard (of course, can also be used according to industry standards)
Double head bolts Standard: GB / T900-1988

Introduction to dowel screw Double-headed bolts save time and cost All dowel screws are constructed without the need for drilling, punching, threading, riveting, threading and finishing steps, expanding the potential for structural design, high current and Small penetration depth. Therefore, it can be welded to a very thin sheet. The workpiece of the dowel screw welding must be welded from one side. Can be welded in full position, by means of an expander that can be restricted on a vertical partition. Because it is a short time welding and welding is rarely deformed, so do not need to dress. Because the welding structure does not require drilling, it will not cause leakage. The joint can achieve a high strength, that is, the strength of the dowel screw welding joint is greater than the strength of the dowel screw itself.
How to install a double-headed bolt A good economy for other welding methods has the advantage of welding power. For mass production of the workpiece, the standard dowel screw is low cost. Equipment and welding torch with a variety of types, equipment purchase costs are relatively low. According to the product, can be made of multi-station automatic welding machine, or high-precision gantry CNC automatic welding machine. The dowel screw welding has a higher quality reproduction rate and a smaller scrap rate. However, the dowel screw welding in the application should pay attention to other melting welding, the steel in the carbon content of certain restrictions on the structural steel dowel screw, according to the recommended dowel screw material and base metal combination of solderable welding, otherwise the dowel screw And the base material will be non-melting between each other. Recommended range of dowel screw material and base metal combination to determine the weldability and anchor bolts through the design requirements of the relevant test to assess the possibility of assessment.

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Which are the advantages of curtain rods and curtain tracks?

Curtain tracks are usually the same as the dark bar, that is, do not see the track, pull up more smoothly, better than the pole pull. Curtain track exposed to displeasure, is the need to do the ceiling to stay out of the curtain box, the length is not limited.

Curtain rod is a round seal of the pole, the same is usually with the ring may be deducted, not used to do the ceiling curtain box window, play a certain decorative effect, exposed more pleasing, but not smooth. Because the central can only put a stent, taking into account the load bearing results, the total length should not exceed 3.5 meters.

Home curtain track is a kind of ornamental curtain for the hanging curtains, convenient curtains open and close, the growth of curtains elegant accessories; curtain track a wide range, the same is usually divided into the right track and dark rail, the right track wooden rod, Rail orbit, silence track, etc., than the drums of the snake-shaped track, popular in Europe, Taiwan and other regions.

1, with box curtain track

Home soft fitted with curtains, the purchase of popular examples, the price of the curtain track will be able to, because there are curtains cover, does not affect the surface, and fastness resistance, the application is also easy to pull. If you choose the curtain material is relatively thick (such as: linen curtains, double-layer curtains), the need to choose a better bearing some of the tracks, such as: European curtains on the large window mantle, can be added at the time of production or mantle ;

2, no box curtain track

There is no curtain box, that is exposed to the curtain track, the initiative to buy Roman rod or iron bar, the surface consequences of rich, mostly wood and metal materials, the price is usually higher than the ordinary curtain track, smoothness is not very good, if the home curtains Thick, the initiative not to buy, easy to form curtain rod twists and turns; European style home soft suit is very appropriate, is conducive to highlight all with, curtains are not very heavy to choose.

Home curtains orbit optional Note: regardless of the box or no box, the availability of both practical and elegant, including the need to consider, including the curtain material with the style and the consequences of harmony, and the other is the discretion of the curtain track The bearing capacity.

Curtain rod material mostly metal and wood-based.

1, solid woods made of natural wood made of natural affinity, home decoration style for the hometown as well, a solid wood curtain rod, with a simple monochrome line of simple curtains, exceptionally coordinated (south of the atmosphere is relatively moist, solid wood curtains Rods are not easy to show deformation, cracking and other signs, the South is not suitable);

2, aluminum curtain rod, light material, good plasticity and corrosion resistance, affordable, stylish generous, and its metal texture with a variety of curtains with a variety of curtains, is the choice of many families today (can be greatly twists and turns, For cornering with window results);

3, iron rods, with excellent ductility and artistic expression, the appearance of diverse, such curtain rods to prevent tight pull pull, easy to show curtain rod paint scattered.

Curtain rods to buy Note: In general, the most durable stainless steel, the proposed selection of more time to ask the salesperson, perhaps the decoration itself will be demolished up to see the curtain bar outside the layout, in general, the thicker the better wall thickness Anti-deformation.

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